Singing and Smiling for Teignmouth Carnival

The torrential rain stopped, and the sun made its appearance, about an hour before we were due to assemble on the Den. Our opening number for our Carnival singing this year was Chattanooga Choo Choo; a brilliant opener, as it contrasted so well with what had gone before.

As we sang though our numbers, it was evident that the audience enjoyed our set, of both a cappella and accompanied pieces. We scored very highly on the smile rate too, due to encouragement from our accompanist, with her own smiley face reminder each time we looked at her! An audience member standing at the very back of the marquee mentioned that we were very easy to hear, as our volume was perfect and our enunciation made our singing much clearer. Those weekly warm up exercises of ‘Ted’s got a head like a ping pong ball’ obviously paid off, as did those reminders to smile!

We were very well received by an appreciative audience who had struggled to attend through inclement weather; it’s so rewarding that there are so many people in Teignmouth and the local area who will come out to see live music.